Matt Dessner


Hello, I’m Matt Dessner, a Creative 360 Video Producer working and living in NYC.


Based in New York City, I'm a Creative Video Producer / Video Content Director.  I started out as an After Effects animator and Video Editor, directing animatics and commercials for Ad Agencies. After working for others I launched a production company named Creative Taco and moved on to ideation, directing and producing video content for clients that included Post Production houses, Advertising Agencies, Direct to Brand and Media Companies.



Random Fact...

.. as a teenager, I appeared in TV commercials for McDonald's,  Jell-O Pops and Ora-Gel. As well as  'if you blinked you missed it" extra parts in various movies.


With a passion for technology and storytelling I founded  The Original iPhone Film Festival and to support the emerging community of iPhoneFilmMakers and to provide a home for anyone that has a story to tell or who wants to learn more about iPhoneFilmMaking.  I have spoken about the impact of mobile filmmaking and storytelling at NYU School of Journalism, given presentations at Macworld in SF, hosted panel discussions at SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX, and appeared on CBC Morning News Program with Heather Hiscox, CBC Radio "As It Happens" and ABC"s syndicated show "Electric Playground".

I believe in the democratization of filmmaking through accessible technology like the iPhone and I am passionate about the empowerment of new technology.  


LEt's work together


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